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The way in which our Adoption scheme works is that the animals are bought in shares. Each share costs $25. Each animal is worth a certain amount of shares according to its daily veterinary, food and accommodation requirements, i.e.. one Lion equals 77 shares per year, one Tiger equals 89 shares per year and one Bushpig equals four shares per year. You can then decide how may shares you/the class would like to invest and which animals you/the class would like to adopt.

Once you invested in one or more shares of an animal, you will receive a gift card with a photo of your animal on it.

About the animals...

Stripey, the Zebra.
Stripey arrived at Munda Wanga in July 2000 together with another female Zebra who sadly passed away due to tick fever. However, Stripey now lives happily in her enclosure with her male mate, Zeppidy. Stripey loves to stretch her legs and munch away on the fresh, lush grass in her pasture. She is a beautiful animal and is thoroughly enjoying her life at Munda Wanga.

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Raj, the Tiger. Raj is 22 years old and looking great for his age. He originally came from a zoo in England and was kindly donated to Munda Wanga to help expand our collection of exotic animals. Raj lives in a spacious enclosure which is adjacent to his friend and neighbour Indo - our other male Tiger. He spends most of his day lounging in the sunshine and then cooling off in the shade.

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Mpundu, the Lion. Mpundu is a six year old male who was born at Munda Wanga. Both Mpundu's parents; Kali and Kango brought him and his brother up on site. Mpundu is an extraordinary Lion with a huge main and a muscular body. He's strength is quite tremendous especially when he rips apart his lunch of meat and bones with his huge jaws!

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Phoenix, the Elephant.
Phoenix was discovered by conservationists in the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia. She was only two weeks old and was found suckling on her dead mother who had been killed by poachers. It was a very sad site and Phoenix was very emaciated and week. The Munda Wanga team brought her back to the Wildlife Sanctuary to try and care for her. Two years and eight months later, Phoenix is a happy, healthy, cheeky young Elephant looking forward to her release back into the wild some time in the near future.

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Twiggy, the Bushpig.
Twiggy and another Bushpig, Babe were donated to Munda Wanga by a local farm. They were both in good condition when they arrived however, Twiggy was rather scared and nervous. She initially panicked in her new surroundings but with time she settled in nicely. Unfortunately, Twiggy and Babe fought quite a lot and one night Babe got into Twiggy's enclosure and a fight broke out. Babe sadly lost his life and Twiggy was left on her own. However, in January 2001, two new Bushpigs Owen and Heskey arrived to keep Twiggy company and now they all live happily together. They spend their days truffling for food and relaxing in the shade. They are always very friendly to visitors, getting up to say hello to any passer-by.

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