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African Conservancy: Wildlife & Cultural Programs

Effective action starts in a receptive environment. We have traveled through Africa in search of unique environments where wildlife and traditional cultures still exist. Zambia, because of its location and human/environmental conditions, offers the greatest opportunities and the most government support to successfully accomplish our mission. Our vision is to re-invigorate and sustain the once harmonious relationship between indigenous people, their cultural heritage, and the surrounding wildlife population. The people and government of Zambia have been enthusiastic about and supportive of our programs and we are looking for a site in the capital city of Lusaka for our headquarters. Early this year, we initiated wildlife education and anti-poaching efforts in Zambia's Northern Province. We are also developing plans to further rural economic development and to partner with the business community to promote a series of cultural initiatives.

African cultural traditions meet some of man's most ancient and universal needs, but because they are in large part oral traditions, created as adaptations to environments that are quickly disappearing, they will vanish from the face of the Earth unless some actions are taken to preserve them.

Our wildlife programs strive to protect existing game, reintroduce locally extinct species and breed endangered species. Without such efforts, we are in danger of losing such magnificent creatures like the Black Rhino, Cheetah, and many others.

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