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Wildlife Education
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Wildlife Education
Many of the isolated tribes and villages in Africa are not aware that their wildlife is more valuable to them alive than dead. In areas where hunting and poaching are the norm, the paucity of wildlife and the shyness of the animals is a deterrent to any expansion of the tourism industry, one of the few industries that increases the awareness of the value of wildlife preservation.

Officer Mitti remarks on poachingWildlife education programs have been shown to be highly successful in curbing poaching and leading to legislation that greatly restricts hunting. They are sought out by local conservationists and, because of their broad support, are some of the logistically easiest programs to implement. Officers educate about poachingThat is why we selected to work with officers of Zambia's Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to put in place a wildlife education program in Zambia's remote and impoverished Northern Province. The program services primary and secondary schools and is headed by Senior Wildlife Police Officer Thomas Mitti. The instruction is delivered by ZAWA-trained education scouts.

Currently, the program services primary schools, starting with 5th grade classes. With your help, we hope to extend the program to secondary schools, ensuring that the young people we reach develop with a sense of fondness, ownership, and responsibility for the flora and fauna that surrounds them.



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