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About Us
"AFRICA. Continent 'extraordinaire', where humanity claims to have been born. Land of many vistas marked by endless forests and immense deserts, undulating plains and turquoise beaches, mystical rivers, white mountain peaks and low-lying swamps. Not here yet, the concrete jungle. AFRICA. Land of many faces, peopled by Tuaregs and Zulus, Efe pigmies and Masaiis, Fulanis and Somalis: farmers, hunters, warriors, fishermen or nomads, through drought and flood, war and famine, still and tenuously, you survive. AFRICA. Land of magnificent beasts: lions, rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, wild dogs, hyenas, warthogs, Cape buffalos, antelopes - too many to name - eagles, hornbills and bee-eaters, pythons, vipers and puff adders, scorpions, spiders, mosquitoes and beetles, crocs and Nile perch, gorilla and baboons, giraffes and zebras, leopards and bat-eared foxes, jackals and genets... I write your names and wonder: have you been spared yet another day? AFRICA. Land of wonder, land of mystery, land of origin: you are all we have left of the divine design. Can we save you?"

Corinne Waldenmayer
President & Founder

The African Conservancy - What We Do
The African Conservancy's mission is to preserve African wildlife and traditional cultures. Our goal is ambitious: we seek to protect and re-establish the harmonious relationship that can exist between humans and nature. Our approach is holistic: we localize our efforts to deliver a coherent portfolio of programs in selected areas that addresses the various causes of wildlife and environmental destruction, and societal/cultural disintegration. Specifically, we combat:

  • Ignorance through education
  • Crime against wildlife through anti-poaching efforts
  • Species extinction through breeding and repopulation
  • Societal disintegration through economic development of rural areas
  • Cultural disintegration through the promotion and subsidy of artists and craftsmen

The African Conservancy - What We Value
Our values are simple and we hope that they will resonate with yours.

  • We value biological diversity, and believe that all living things are created equal.
  • We value cultural relativism, and endeavor to understand that some of our most needy constituents may not.
  • We value quality, and will use quality as overriding criteria in governing the organization.
  • We value integrity, and will strive to govern the organization according to our stated values.
  • We value diversity, and will strive to involve diverse populations in all our activities.

The African Conservancy - Organizational Vision
Our organizational vision is of a social enterprise with dynamic leadership, efficient management, and effective programs with 75 cents of each donation dollar being applied to programs.


You and the African Conservancy can work together to preserve the richest and most primordial environments left on Earth. Please, Join Us.



African Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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