February 15, 2002


Travel with a Cause: the African Conservancy Offers "Immersion" Tours to Zambia

For travelers who yearn for an intimate, in-depth African experience, the African Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving African wildlife and cultures, has developed a unique program allowing travelers to explore and learn about Africa by private plane, 4x4, canoe, motorboat, and on foot.

The organization's all-inclusive, luxury educational safaris to Zambia allow participants to explore get a close look at African wildlife in and out of national parks, to ride on the waters of Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest fresh water lake in the world, and to feel the mist from the famous Victoria Falls.

The Conservancy believes that those who choose to travel in Africa are often as fascinated with African cultures and lifestyles as with the continent's wildlife and physical beauty. To satisfy this holistic interest, African Conservancy tours include informational sessions on African ecology, geology and geography as well as interactive cultural sessions ranging from museum and artists studio visits, to traditional history and folklore experienced through dance and story-telling around evening campfires.

The African Conservancy's "immersion" tours provide the group with the luxury and comfort of classic safaris, which include tented camps under beautiful canopies of trees, dinners overlooking the Victoria Falls, and tremendous wildlife viewing potential, without isolating the traveler from true Africa.

An added benefit of traveling with the Conservancy is the opportunity to visit the sites of AC programs and to experience first-hand the extraordinary impact member's contributions have made in many African communities. For example, the groups visit a classroom where the AC's wildlife education program is taught and will hear from an anti-poaching unit on its work and accomplishments.

Corinne Waldenmayer, African Conservancy Executive Director and co-founder, is African and highly passionate about what Africa has to offer, physically, culturally and spiritually. "Our goal with the travel program was to create an experience of Africa that leaves an indelible mark on the heart. I think we've succeeded."