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-Vista-based Nonprofit will Raise Funds to Protect Last Remaining African Wilderness-
Vista, CA, September 8, 2003-The African Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of African wildlife and traditional cultures, today announced its second annual gala celebration will take place on September 20. The event will include live entertainment, dancing, food and cocktails. A silent auction featuring a variety of adventure, leisure, cultural, entertainment, and art-related items will also be held with proceeds to benefit the African Conservancy.

Dr. Tony Rose, director of the Biosynergy Institute/ Bushmeat Project, will be the gala's honored guest. He will present a photo essay entitled "Consuming Nature" based on his research in Africa and the documentary work of famed Swiss photographer Karl Ammann.

Together with Dr. Rose, the African Conservancy plans to create a new Western division that will implement programs such as Adopt-a-Scout to provide systematic assistance (food, equipment, training) for wildlife protection officers in regions of Africa such as Cameroon.

"Illegal bushmeat hunting is the number one threat facing African wildlife today," said Dr. Rose. "Joining forces with the African Conservancy will enable us to combat this problem more successfully in more diverse locations," said Dr. Rose. "The African Conservancy is an ideal partner because of its effective infrastructure and solid relationships within local African communities."

Dr. Rose's Biosynergy Institute is one of several conservation organizations that have collaborated with the African Conservancy on wildlife and education programs during the past year. Others include the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force, Zoological Society of San Diego, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and San Diego Natural History Museum.

"An integrated and localized approach is necessary to re-create the balance between humans and Nature that used to exist in Africa and that is still possible in certain special, often isolated places," said Corinne Waldenmayer, president of the African Conservancy. "Our localized approach allows us to understand and devise solutions for the underlying causes of unsustainable natural resource utilization specific to different situations and cultures. We accomplish integration by partnering with like-minded, specialized organizations to implement collaborative solutions."

The African Conservancy's second annual gala celebration will take place on September 20, 2003 at 6:30 p.m. at its headquarters in Vista, located at 2590 San Clemente Avenue. Admission is $75. Please RSVP by calling (406) 461-6385 or emailing About the African Conservancy: The African Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the last remaining African wilderness. This is a mission of extreme urgency because Africa's bio-diversity is being destroyed faster than nature can replace it. The African Conservancy's portfolio of programs includes wildlife, environmental, and cultural education; cultural preservation and empowerment; and wildlife protection and rehabilitation. All programs are conceived, designed, and implemented in Africa with local staff, government and community partners, and all programs contribute to economic development and promote self-sufficiency. The African Conservancy is headquartered in Vista, Calif. and maintains a base of operations in Lusaka, Zambia. More information is available at