September 23, 2002


Zambian Diplomat To Meet With African Conservancy Members During First Annual Gala Event

Visit from Christopher Chungu will focus on tourism to Zambia

Vista, Calif., September 23, 2002 - The African Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of African wildlife and traditional cultures, today announced that Christopher Chungu, First Secretary (Political) of the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia, will speak to members and guests during the organization's first annual gala event on October 5.

Taking place at the African Conservancy's headquarters in Vista, the event will also include a silent auction of pieces of African art, safari packages and other African Conservancy branding items. The organization hopes that Chungu's visit will build awareness about issues surrounding tourism to Zambia.

"People often underestimate the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between first and third world countries," said Chungu. "Everything that is done in the United States has a significant impact on Zambia, and everything that is not done in Zambia will eventually impact us here."

The African Conservancy maintains a base of operations in Lusaka, Zambia and is currently developing tourism, socioeconomic, wildlife protection and species reintroduction programs in Africa. Its paid project staff is composed primarily of African locals.

Members of the African Conservancy have an opportunity to travel with a cause and obtain an in-depth look at the people and wildlife of Zambia during the organization's safari program. The safaris enable participants to explore remote locations in Southern Africa by private plane, 4x4, canoe, motorboat, and on foot.

According to Chungu, "When it comes to traveling, Zambia provides the best true-to-form African experience because the majority of its wildlife and traditional cultures have remained untouched over the years."

The travel program is one of several of the African Conservancy's earned-income ventures, which are created in partnership with African communities and provide the organization with an additional revenue stream beyond fundraising and donations.

"We are pleased the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia has demonstrated an interest in nurturing Zambian-U.S. relations by attending our event and speaking with our members," said Corinne Waldenmayer, president and co-founder of the African Conservancy. "We hope to continue sharing insights about Africa and working together towards a common goal of preserving its unique environment for future generations."