May 13, 2002


African Conservancy hits 100th member mark with addition of local wildlife artist

Vista-based non-profit doubles membership every quarter for past six months

The African Conservancy, San Diego's only membership organization dedicated to the preservation of African wildlife and traditional cultures, today announced it has signed up local wildlife artist Sallie Lynn Davis as its 100th member. Davis will also serve on the non-profit organization's board of directors, and plans to use her personal experience with animals to address issues such as species extinction and crimes against wildlife.

"I was impressed by the African Conservancy's mission, values and holistic approach," said Davis. "The educational safaris the organization conducts are particularly valuable because they provide an opportunity for people to experience these magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings to better understand the urgent need for environmental preservation."

Since achieving 501(c)(3) non-profit status in August 2001, the Conservancy has seen membership growth of 25 percent monthly. In partnership with African communities, it has implemented ventures that further economic development in Africa as well as create revenue streams beyond traditional fundraising. These ventures include educational African safaris and art and textile imports. All benefits are channeled back into the organizationís projects in Africa.

"A strong belief in sustainability for the organization and our African constituents has set us apart from other non-profits, and contributed to people's enthusiasm to engage with our vision, " said Corinne Waldenmayer, president and co-founder of the African Conservancy.

Because its administrative offices are 100 percent volunteer-run, the African Conservancy is able to apply 75 cents of every donation dollar to projects taking place on the ground in Africa. Such projects include wildlife education, anti-poaching, and subsistence farming and ranching.

"In the current climate of non-profit distrust, donors need reassurance that their monies are being used towards the cause to which they donated," said Waldenmayer.

About the African Conservancy: The African Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve African wildlife and traditional cultures through environmental and cultural conservation programs in both Africa and the United States. The African Conservancy provides educational opportunities, travel programs and art acquisition services to its members. The organization is headquartered in Vista, Calif., with a base of operations in Lusaka, Zambia. Its administrative offices are 100 percent volunteer-run, and its paid project staff is composed primarily of African locals. For more information about the African Conservancy, please visit its Web site at